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When your app is paired to your OBD Reader you will see a status message on your Vehicle Dash. This message will help you understand the current status of your Reader.

- IDLE: This means that the app is not currently receiving live status notifications from the Reader. This can be because your device is not in range of the reader, because your vehicle’s engine is off or because your have limited support.

- IDLE - IN TRIP: This means that the app it not currently receiving live status notification from the Reader, but the app is recording your trip. On occasions the Reader can be idle even if your vehicle is running, but don’t worry, we will still record your trip.

- LIVE: This means that app has a live connection with the Reader and your vehicle. ONLY when in Live mode you will be able to run Health Scans and access the Live Status screen.

When your vehicle is on your OBD Reader will power up and depending on its current status it will light up different lights.

GREEN When this light is on, it means that your Reader is correctly connected to your vehicle and that your vehicle has the requirements to run Health Scans and get live information from your vehicle’s computer.

RED When the red light is on, it means that your Reader is correctly connected, but, with Limited Support. Your vehicle doesn’t meet the requirements for full functionality, for this reason while Trip Logging will function correctly, you won’t be able to run Health Scans or access the Live Status screen.

BLUE When the blue light is on it means that the app is in “Live” mode. Only in this mode will you be able to run Health Scans and access the Live Status screen which will show you realtime information about your vehicle.

The app will automatically detect when you are in your vehicle without the need to launch the app on every trip and each of your trips will be logged and displayed separately. We recommend that you occasionally verify that your app is running when starting a new trip. The “Trip Recording” feature tracks each of your trips and is designed to report and help improve your driving behavior.

At the completion of each trip the details of that trip will be displayed with your trip score as well as any of the specific events listed in the next paragraph. Please note, Location Services must be enabled on your mobile device for the mapping features to work.

After you plug in the Reader and pair to it with the app, the app should automatically start recording every time you get in your vehicle and begin a new trip. You do not have to relaunch and reconnect each time you start a new trip unless you have terminated the application.

If you terminate the app, you must manually launch the app again. Even if you see the app icon in your tray it does not always mean the app is active. If you find that your trips stopped tracking or you suspect that the app has crashed, kill the app and launch it again.

The system is always being updated to ensure that the app is always running in the background; however, there may be times when you will need to relaunch the app. For example, your mobile device’s operating system can occasionally kill apps due to a lack available memory; therefore it will need to be relaunched.

The score each one of your trips get is based on how efficiently you are driving. To come up with the score we take a look at several factors:

Smart Speed: The app focuses on fuel efficiency and one of the prime factors for fuel efficiency is “Smart Speed”. Whenever our sensor detects you exceed 70 mph, points will be deducted from your score because studies have shown that speed in excess of 70 mph decreases fuel efficiency dramatically.

Sharp Braking and Rapid Acceleration: Sharp braking and rapid accelerations affect the efficiency of your vehicle. For example, to obtain the best performance from your vehicle you should accelerate at a steady rate, and whenever you are approaching a stop, you should decelerate at a steady rate. Points are added or deducted based on these events.

Idling: A vehicle uses fuel whenever the engine is on, even when it’s not moving, so excessive idle time will also result in point deductions.

Engine Maintenance: If your vehicle has overdue service or maintenance, points will be deducted because poor engine maintenance has an impact on fuel efficiency as well.

We determine the estimated amount of fuel you used on each trip based on the average fuel consumption of your vehicle based on it’s Make, Model and Year.

To determine the estimated cost of your trip based on the amount of fuel used, the app compares the trip data collected from the OBD to the information provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). This allows the system to make a calculation based on the current average price of gasoline and the data received to determine your estimated fuel costs per trip. Whenever possible, the system will use your actual location (determined by the GPS) to get local fuel prices and display a more accurate cost.

The app incorporates a Vehicle Health Scan feature that scans the vehicle through your OBD Reader to determine if any issues are being reported by the on board computer. Some require immediate attention but most do not. Here is a sampling of the parameters the system checks for when a Health Scan is initiated:

Fuel & Air Metering

Ignition System and Misfire Detection

Auxiliary Emission Controls, EGR, EVAP

Vehicle Speed, Idle Control and Auxiliary Inputs

Computer and Auxiliary Outputs

Transmission (Gearbox)

Vehicle Body (Includes A/C & Air Bag)

Chassis (Includes ABS)

User Network

DTC Codes

You will be able to easily see if any of the checked systems have any outstanding issues. If issues are detected, a more detailed view of the issues will be displayed, and with a quick tap you’ll be able to Call or Schedule Service.


- Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your device.

- Check that your vehicle’s engine is on.

- Verify that your OBD Reader has a green or red LED illuminated.

- Kill the app and re-start the app.

- If you are paired via Bluetooth to your vehicle, try disconnecting from your vehicle Bluetooth.

- Kill your app and carefully remove your Reader from the OBD-II port of your vehicle. Wait a couple of seconds and launch your app, when your app is running, connect your Reader back to your OBD-II port.

- Restart your phone.

When you see this message, this means that your vehicle doesn’t meet the requirements for full functionality. With limite support you will be able to do Trip Logging correctly, but you won’t be able to run Health Scans or access the Live Status screen.

Trips are synced to the server routinely when your device has an internet connection. There are some instances in which trips can take up to 24 hours to process. Trips that are too short, or those in which no distance was driven, will be ignored by the system. Additionally, multiple short trips that occur within 15 minutes of each other will be merged into one trip. If you are still not seeing any recorded trips please try the following:

- Make sure you have an active internet connection on your mobile device. Go to “My Vehicle Dash” and select “My Trips”. If you have any trips that have not been sent to the server yet, you will see a message letting you know that they are being synced.

- If the trip is too short, or you didn’t drive any distance, it will be ignored.- Make sure the trip hasn’t been merged with a different trip on the same day because they occurred within 15 minutes of each other.